Message in A Bottle

I wrote this for my husband before he was my husband. Feel free to write it in a card or print it in a frame for your love today, just cite the author. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I remember when I sent a message in a bottle for you.
Oh, how I yearned to connect with you.
Maybe you would be walking along the beach, and it made its way to your feet.

I remember when my heart sent an SOS out for you.
Oh love, how I desperately needed you.
Maybe you would see my sense of urgency and come in a rush.

I remember when I sent a Morse Code message for you,
Tapping signals of my heart to you.,
Maybe you would decipher the code and transmit a signal back to me.

I remember when I sent smoke signals out for you,
With heart-shaped clouds of love floating up to the sky for you.
Maybe you’d look up at that very moment and see my call of distress.

I remember plucking the petals of daisies for you,,
Reciting the childhood call of love for you,
Hoping that the last petal would be that “He loves me.”

I remember when I sent a dove with a note for you,
With my message attached to the bird of love for you.
Arriving at your window singing my favorite song.

For so many years I longed for you,
I knew that I loved you before I even met you
…But God knew the way to bring us together all along.

Be blessed,


Copyright © 2011 by Katrina Smith

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2 thoughts on “Message in A Bottle

  1. I have often wondered, if I were to write a message and put it in a bottle or on a balloon string, how far would it go, who’s life would be enriched in finding it? Hmmmm interesting isn’t it?


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