The Most Misunderstood Term of the Bible – Submission

The ultimate form of trust, submission is a divine word.

But more than a word, submission is a verb.

It’s letting go of all fears, walking hand in hand,

Trusting that he will lead you through the wilderness into the promise land.

It is the highest rank of respect; giving him an adrenaline rush,

cooking his meals to perfection, with the ingredients of harmony and love.

Pouring life into his soul, his cup overflowing,

Being his strength when he’s weak, inspiring him to keep going.

It’s building your home with truth, laying a solid foundation.

Brick by brick with the Word of God and continuing to praise Him.

Surrounding your home with rich soil sowing seeds of wisdom,

Ensuring a bountiful harvest of faith, reaping a magnificent Kingdom,

Shining bright like the city on the hill that cannot be hidden.

It’s following a man who has displayed by his character that he is a leader,

Although the gate is narrow, together you choose to enter.

Leaving behind the past, looking forward to a brighter future.

A life free of quarrel, choosing peace, laughter and serenity,

Breathing the fresh air of bliss and tranquility.

Being a servant to your husband is living faithfully

To the words that you spoke when you took a vow of fidelity.

It’s passing the same kind of love that Christ gave us all unconditionally,

Serving God and His children sacrificially.

Don’t allow the ways of the world to fool you; you must think spiritually,

Submission is not a weakness,

Submission is humility!

Be blessed,

Katrina Smith

Copyright © 2011 by Katrina Smith

IBJ Book Publishing, A division of IBJ Media

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