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Are you a lost and broken woman? Have you ever loved a lost and broken woman? Broken women do not choose to be broken, something broke them.

Raised by the system, single, three children, no man and no education, Katrina looked into the mirror and did not like what she saw. She became what everyone had predicted; another sad statistic in society. She was the product of five generations of dysfunction and knew that if she didn’t put an end to it, that it would be passed to her children. She went on a journey of introspection, challenging herself to dig to the root of her issues to find out where her behaviors stemmed from. A raw, transparent and emotionally charged page turner, she takes you with her on her road to redemption to find out why women make the self-destructive choices that they make, starting with her.

“Basically, I became my own social experiment; my own guinea pig” –Katrina Smith, author

Transforming from caterpillar to butterfly, The Butterfly Movement paints a beautiful picture of the metamorphosis that takes place when you seek Christ with all your heart and apply biblical truth for deliverance and restoration. She provides an example of how a single decision can create a ripple effect in your life, those around you and future generations to come. It will inspire you to break the chains of generational curses, mental and spiritual strongholds, defy labels, and overcome odds that are holding you back from becoming a beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made butterfly!

What others are saying about the book:

“The BUTTERFLY MOVEMENT is a excellent guide using Christian principles, to assist young girls and women make wise and informed decisions that will affect their life. The author utilizing a combination of her own personal life experiences, poetry and biblical scripture, to show the cause and effect as well as the consequences one will face as a result of living life out of divine order.

The BUTTERFLY MOVEMENT is reference guide for better living and if followed consistently, it will assist the reader in avoiding many of life’s pitfalls that come from one getting CAUGHT UP by the sweet nothings whispered in the ear at very young ages. In light of the current level of social dysfunction, broken families and troubled children in this country, this book is a welcomed and very timely source of valuable information. The BUTTERFLY MOVEMENT will not only benefit the reader, but will improve the nature and tenure of the personal relationships of those within the reader’s circle of influence.” Shawn McDowell ~ Author & Radio Personality

“This book is very empowering and inspiring for women and gives great perspective for men hoping to peel the onion back on the female psyche. It offers words of wisdom for wounded women and a strategy for liberation. I appreciate the transparency with which the author writes; sharing her testimony along the way. It’s one of those books that you need two of, one for you and one for the person you love or may encounter who needs this revelation. It is appropriate for small groups study or individual meditative reading so what are you waiting for….Join the Butterfly Movement today!” ~ Pastor M.E. Drane

“I ordered this book through Amazon and read it cover to cover!! Thank you so much, Katrina, for sharing your life story, it has truly touched me. I would recommend this book to any woman or girl who is trying to overcome obstacles (past and present) and any man who loves them. This book is a beautiful and simple read and will be an inspiration to all us imperfect people who get up and keep on trying to become a better person day after day!”  ~ Felicia

“This book was Wonderful! The author captured the spirit of the ‘lost’ and abandoned child who was broken beyond belief, but still managed to rise above her circumstances with God’s help. It’s the story of so many of us. I think that all women who may have been broken by abuse, molestation, or any other forms of self-destructive behavior should go buy this book. It is also an easy read that is hard to put down!..WOW is all I can say!” ~ Myckelle Williams, Founder of Light of Light and The Heartwood Project

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“Changing the women within today, to save the women of tomorrow”
Take a Stand. Spread the Word. Save the Butterflies.

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