The Workbook

The Butterfly Movement Workbook was created as a tool to complement the book. It walks you through the book while going on your own journey by answering simple questions that help you get to the root of what has shaped and molded your beliefs, morals, values and behaviors.

The workbook follows a theme of:

  • Introspection (Removing the natural instinct of pointing the blame, making excuses and evolving from victim mentality to conquerer)
  • Self-Reflection (Identifying key characteristics, habits, behaviors and patterns, both positive and negative)
  • God’s Direction (Seeking Direction through God’s Word -The Bible)
  • Revelation (Accepting the truth and applying it through prayer, meditation and behavior modification)

The workbook will soon be available on as well as Amazon for purchase February 2012!

“Changing the women within today, to save the women of tomorrow”
Take a Stand. Spread the Word. Save the Butterflies.

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