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“Broken women go in one of two directions and they can evolve into the other over time. They either become too desperate and needy, with little or no boundaries or too guarded and bitter with too many boundaries. Neither being fruitful in interpersonal relationships.” –exerpts from The Butterfly Movement

The Butterfly Movement created a large amount of feedback from readers on the two powerful chapters, Cinderella Syndrome and The Independent Woman Deception. Many have requested that I dig deeper into these modern day ideologies and deceptions. As a result, I will be releasing two new books simultaneously, that branch off from my first book. The Butterfly Movement is the parent book and the other two will be her “twin” children.

Cinderella No More! Coming Spring 2012

The Butterfly Movement sheds light on The Woman at the Well being the biblical version of Cinderella, only the biblical version has a more realistic outcome.  She is left with five broken marriages, insecurity and overwhelming feelings of shame and unworthiness. This is the story that we should teach our daughters.

Cinderella No More is the first book that addresses the broken, desperate and needy woman who in her thirst,  seeks happiness through relationships, drugs, alcohol, sex, money, trends among many other substitutions. It walks through the transition and transformation that takes place after surrendering her life to Christ.

“Prince Charming is just a fairytale. Christ is our only Savior” 

Cinderella No More!

Independent No More! Coming Spring 2012

Case studies are exposing a trend that single parent households are emerging as the new family structure. The question is, are we promoting, pushing and attaching ourselves to the Independent Woman Deception at the demise of the children? These women who are programmed to survive and provide will likely marry in the future. Entering into a marriage as a teammate with the same mentality as the sole provider will likely cause friction and confusion in the marriage.  Independent No More is the second book that addresses transitioning from a cynical and independent single mom to a married, interdependent wife.

The Proverbs 31 woman was not an independent woman, she was a woman you could depend on!”

Independent No More!

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