Women’s Workshops

Are you establishing an inheritance to leave for the next generation? Your children will be left with an inheritance by you whether you realize it or not. This can be an inheritance of virtue, character, family values, tradition, morals, triumph, unity and a good name or can be an inheritance of brokenness, strongholds, dysfunction, dissention, discord, confusion and divide. If you were left with the latter, you may be the trailblazer called to clear the trail of the past for the generations to come.

Trailblazer – “one that is set apart to blaze a trail for others; a pioneer”

A trailblazer is someone in the family that is called/chosen to blaze the trail to change to past pattern of behavior for the benefit of the generations of tomorrow. They often have witnessed, experienced and been disturbed by the repercussions of destructive behavior. They may have even started repeating the behavior before they accepted the calling of being a trailblazer. They often struggle with old patterns and new patterns as well as deal with a lot of criticism, skepticism and ridicule from other members of their family by changing the pattern.

 The Mission of The Butterfly Movement Workshop is to empower and transform broken women into trailblazers and disciples of their homesm families and communities. We accomplish this by walking them through the journey of ending the cycle of dysfunctional generational patterns and replacing them with healthy generational patterns.

The name stems from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) meteorologists Edward Lorenz’s theory that a flutter from a single butterfly’s wings could inflict a storm of great magnitude. The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition which causes an entire chain of events. The idea is that the movement of one butterfly could eventually have a far-reaching effect on subsequent history. Think about that the next time you question your significance in the world. When we first change ourselves, we have the power to change everything!

Workshop Topics

  • Humble Beginnings -Digging into your Past
  • Identifying Generational Patterns
  • Healthy Boundaries/Unhealthy Boundaries
  • Uncovering our Iniquity (Addiction, abortion, teen pregnancy, domestic violence)
  • Pattern of Toxic Relationships – Guarding Your Heart & Using Your sound Mind
  • New Creation – The Challenges and Rewards
  • Prayer, Bible and renewing your mind
  • Detoxifying your Environment – Weeding & Seeding
  • Finding your Purpose – Vision Board
  • Evolving into a Woman of Noble Character
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Discovering Satan – Armor of Faith
  • Hearing the Voice of God (Listening v/s Surrendering)
  • What is Love? Single is a Whole Number
  • The Restoration of the Family Unit
  • Next Steps – Join ministries, causes, sharing your testimony and the gospel

Fee for the event is $50.00. Each participant will recieve a copy of the book, workbook, lunch, tshirt, certificate of completion and ongoing support from the ministry and sponsoring congregations. We have room for 100 women and are seeking sponsorship for 50 women who are low income.

If you are interested in registering for our next workshop, becoming a sponsor or becoming a workshop facilitator in your city, complete the contact form below! 

“Changing the women within today, to save the women of tomorrow”
Take a Stand. Spread the Word. Save the Butterflies.

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