Women of Focus

The Butterfly Movement digs to the root of common forms of brokenness. It is a raw and transparent journey of introspection and self-reflection. The Women of Focus may be comprised of women that are diverse in age, race, background and walks of life. Some may have been raised in the church and some may have never walked into a church. Some may be single, some may be married. Some may live in the suburbs, some may live in homeless shelters. We understand that shackles come in many forms and we will work in unison to address each and every need with compassion and understanding.

If you or someone you know struggle with any of the issues below, you and/or they need to join the Movement!

• You have been raised in a dysfunctional setting

• You have been sexually violated at one point in your life

• You were abused, neglected and/or abandoned as a child

• You were or are currently living in poverty and/or homelessness

• You were forced to grow up too early (responsibility of an adult as a child)

• Your father was absent

• Your mother was absent

• You were a teen mother

• You have had one or several abortions

• You have or are currently working in the sex industry

• You have had or currently have thoughts of suicide

• You have or currently use sex as a tool or a weapon to get what you want

• You have or are struggling with some form of addictive behavior/obsession (Drugs, alcohol, sex, food, money, shopping, fitness, plastic surgery)

• You have 2 or more children with 2 or more fathers

• You struggle with an unhealthy self image – picking out your flaws

• You are surface focused – Belief that beauty will bring happiness

• You are prosperity focused – Belief that money will bring you happiness

• You are relationship focused – Belief that a man will bring you happiness

• You easily cling on to trends and ideologies (fashion, trends, celebrities, goth, scientology)

• You have been or are currently in a toxic relationship

• You have been or are currently in an abusive relationship

• You have or currently enable/rescue others (Codependent)

• Your inner circle is enablers (enabling destructive behavior/helping you point the blame/make excuses/escape accountability)

• You are married with children yet you struggle with your own sense of identity

• You are a single parent but struggle with thoughts of guilt, shame, wondering if you are raising emotionally healthy children

• You find yourself over-indulging your children to overcompensate for quality time or for the lack of your own childhood

• You are very successful in your career but struggle with healthy personal relationships

• You find yourself pointing the blame and stuck in the victim mentality or entitlement syndrome (The world owes me because I was dealt a bad card in life)

• You find yourself making excuses the inappropriate behavior of others

• You find yourself careless and cold about taking advantage of and hurting others

• You proclaim to have no female friends because they are too “catty”

• You have or currently struggle with insecurity, guilt, shame, loneliness, depression, doubt, fear, anxiety

•You have or are currently struggle with anger, rage, and bitterness. Often using blanket statements to describe others (There are no good men)

•You have trouble with healthy boundaries (either too little or no boundaries or too many boundaries/brick wall)

• You feel as if God has abandoned you and/or question your belief in Him

• You are confused about God or you have a love/hate relationship with Him

•You were raised in church but struggle with your identity

•You are a Christian, but are surrounded by unbeliever (friends/family/coworkers)

•You struggle with religion over a personal relationship with God

•You are a professing christian yet you struggle with forms of brokenness (see all the above)

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